Atlantic Youth

Atlantic Youth

The development of inclusive education for young people is a priority for Europe, which can not accept the fact that many young people remain at the margins of school due to difficulties linked to physical disabilities, socialization problems, school dropout of school, or low family incomes.
Similarly, Europe has set itself the objective of working towards the sustainable development of the maritime environment that surrounds us. Seas and oceans constitute a major part of the future of the planet, whether in terms of economic, environmental or social development. Youth maritime education has therefore become a priority.
The Atlantic Youth project aims to design, experiment and develop various actions of inclusive, maritime and nautical education in schools over the 3 years, aimed at pupils of the 11-15 age group. The project will ensure the pedagogical quality of the activities, their contribution to the educational project of the class, their accessibility for all pupils, and their affordability.

The plan of action of the project will have 3 axes:

  • Implementation of 5 local inclusive maritime education projects in Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal, projects coordinated at a transnational level, each of which will be managed by a partner. On each site, a local project team, led by the partner and composed of teachers, educators, representatives of educational and public authorities, will elaborate and develop the actions in close collaboration with the project teams of the other 4 sites. This work carried out on the five sites will lead to the production of modules that will be transferable and meet the objectives of Atlantic Youth. On each of the three school years, the cycle of educational activities will end with a transnational meeting of pupils, both educational and maritime, organized on a different venue at the end of each June.
  • The production of intellectual productions: at least two guides for teachers and authorities and two video tools for pupils will be developed and made available to the structures and people interested in the objectives of the project
  • Communication of the project and dissemination of the results. The highlight will be the European End-of-Project Conference in June 2020. The document "Assessment and Perspectives" and the intellectual productions of the Atlantic Youth Project will be presented. Communication actions will be implemented during the 3 years and the dissemination of the results and the productions will be organized in the long term, after 2020.


783 students (261 / year), 324 of whom will participate in transnational college meetings (108 / year)
158 other individual participants (teachers, educators, coaches, etc.)

Management Methodology

The implementation of the project will be based on the timetable of the action plan and a high level of coordination, which will include 7 transnational partner meetings. The leadpartner will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project and its action plan, as well as administrative and financial coordination. We Atlantic will be in charge of the pedagogical animation of the project and of the support for the intellectual productions. A subcontract will be established between the leader and its partners in order to govern the internal rules of the consortium. A quality assessment plan will highlight ongoing project guidelines and indicators.

Targeted results

- Production of inclusive maritime education modules at school
- Production of pedagogical tools and guides for teachers and decision-makers
- Development of actions and competences in the field of maritime education at school

Expected impact

- Motivation of decision-makers in favor of strong policies for the social and educational integration of young people, using the assets of territories
- Sensitization of populations and stakeholders on marine and aquatic issues: environment, resources, economy, ...
- Collective awareness of the contributions of the maritime environment to the education of young people
- Implementation of policies aimed at maritime education for young people
- Opening towards Europe and cooperation.

Partnership of the Project

The project will be carried out by 6 partners located in maritime regions, which present a high level of involvement in territorial development and support for schools:
- CIM Alto Minho, NUT 3, Lead Partner for Portugal,
- Patronato d'Ayamonte, municipal entity, for Spain,
- Clare County Council, NUT 3, for Ireland,
- Cornwall Marine Network, re-grouping of maritime companies, linked to the Cornwall Council, NUT3, for the R-U,
- Don Bosco Moulin Mer Center, the main actor of the sea classes in France
- We Atlantic, company specialized in maritime education for France.

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