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Thanks to the general public involved all over the year, water sports have long been an important link between the ocean and the people, whether they are residents or tourists. The nautical activities have in fact sharply turned their development towards the discovery, protection and promotion of the territories, as well as the professionalization of the structures of reception.

Watersports centers and marinas have a great potential to become a showcase on the ocean, open to all, which through education, sports, leisure and big ones will raise awareness and mobilize the general public about the major maritime issues in our territories. Water sports will, in fact, play an important role in the mobilization of populations to design a major strategic project linked to the sea.

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The development of inclusive education for young people is a priority for Europe, which can not accept the fact that many young people remain at the margins of school due to difficulties linked to physical disabilities, socialization problems, school dropout of school, or low family incomes.
Similarly, Europe has set itself the objective of working towards the sustainable development of the maritime environment that surrounds us. Seas and oceans constitute a major part of the future of the planet, whether in terms of economic, environmental or social development. Youth maritime education has therefore become a priority.
The Atlantic Youth project aims to design, experiment and develop various actions of inclusive, maritime and nautical education in schools over the 3 years, aimed at pupils of the 11-15 age group. The project will ensure the pedagogical quality of the activities, their contribution to the educational project of the class, their accessibility for all pupils, and their affordability.

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